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Champion Drag Bike Matic 200cc in KYT Drag Bike Enduro in Lanud

Batlle KYT Drag Bike Enduro in Lanud Wiriadinata.

Piston or piston CBR returned victorious to shoot straight aje racing. Like the Yamaha geberan M.Ramji from Tomo Speed ​​Shop who champion an automatic tune-up classes to 200 cc. On Day Batlle KYT Drag Bike Enduro in Lanud Wiriadinata, Tarlac, last Sunday.

CBR piston is lighter. In addition, the shape is like racing. The width of the piston body in contact directly with just a little boring. That way, the friction so mild.

Ease back the CBR piston has a thin piston rings. "Clearly, reducing friction with the liner and does not suck power engine," said Utomo Tjioe, Tomo Speed ​​Shop boss who lose four in drag bike motor that its coverage is on page 23 of this edition.

CBR150 which used oversized piston 50. "Precisely finished piston diameter 64 mm," explained the well-known brother called Tomo is always close to the Banana Speed ​​Otoy it.

CBR150 piston that is used intentionally only a 64 mm. Because the piston of the original Honda factory to a maximum of oversized 100. More than that fake CBR piston. Because Honda does not remove oversized segede it.

To be more lightly, commuted again. "The way holed piston body. All to help lubrication, "said the bespectacled Tomo it.

Then the piston head dipapas edges. "So mendem 0.3 mm after rising stroke of 3 mm," explains the accompanying Otoy Tomo.

The increase in stroke is obtainable with a simple way. Simply use the pen stroke 1.5 mm. Mean total stroke now can be known. Standard stroke 57.9 mm + 3 mm = 60.9 mm. That way, we can know the cylinder capacity. From 64 mm piston diameter and stroke 60.9 mm. So would the volume of a cylinder 195.8 cc.

For piston head also contrived corner edges. In order to meet the squish in the cylinder head which formed the corner as well. But Tomo did not know this angle. Understandably head is made in Thailand.

Thai-made head is carrying the 31/27 mm valve. Rada size strange indeed. Because usually using the valve-sized EE 31/25, 5 mm. According to Tomo, naturally so. So, do not know theory.

 Front tire: Eat My Dust 45/90x17Rear tire: Eat My Dust 60/80x17Houses mounted on a roller: FinoRatio: 15/40Roller: 9 gramsGaskets blocks: 1 mmCDI: FinoMagnet: Dibubut.

In the combustion chamber there is also strange. If it only made squish hell already plural. But this one is equipped with grout. As in the engine Honda Tiger.

Become more mendem piston head position. The total distance between the top of the piston squish and 0.9 mm. Obtained from measurements mendem piston 0.3 mm when the block is installed. Plus head gasket thickness of 0.3 and plus 0.3 mm grout. Become pas 0,9 mm.

To supply enough fuel to use carburetor Keihin PE 28 standard. Without the reamer. Simply coupled with the use of pilot-jet 42 and the main-jet 30 mm. The result of this motor is not only a champion 1. Sabet also 3 and 5 championships in the same class with a different jockey.

Kem 19/26

One more thing that makes korekan Tomo like feel. The duration of valve openings do not know. Or lest Tomo could not use a dial gauge to measure the duration of the camp. Ancient really yes?

Tomo only know waist size back 19 mm. While the high ridge of 26 mm. "The question of open-close the spigot I do not know," Tomo cuap which derive only automatic motorcycle drag bike in the event that Tasikmalaya.

Looks like this motor is made in Thailand. But he scraped here. According to him, only a few items that are purchased in Thailand.

The greatness of this motor can actually be used as a reference. Therefore, the framework uses only the standard pipe. Minimal hole as well.

Unlike his opponents. Although their use and underbone komstir standards, but the stern chassis much dicustom. Even people who already use the aluminum material. SOURCE (


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