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Ngegas in Once Breath

drag motor bike AKA Karapan Motor (in Bahasa Indonesi) back orders yet. Automatic class participants continued to swell! Day Battle KYT Drag Bike Championship 201M (DBKDB201MC) 2010 in the Circuit PRJ, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta (18.04), from 380 starters, 100 automatic starter who joined the class.

Hectic with automatic class, organizers had predicted. He said, three years ago the organizers visit abroad. There automatic milling. "Proven automatic class began to welcome in Indonesia," I Helmy Sungkar, owner Trendypromo Mandira, DBKDB210MC promoter in question.

More than 40 starters involved in the class. This class is still quite reasonable to achieve the mechanics. Part racing on the market can still be relied upon to spec automatic 200 cc. Tunner-crank without having to import the special case of certain countries in order to achieve 350 cc.

Drag matic easy bother! "How to take her differences with the acceleration of tooth wear.Matik, must be from low rpm, "said Amir Ceria which champions in class 4-matic No s / d 350 cc.

According to the racer who print time was 7.771 seconds, never open the gas is too high.Faster motor screaming. Before you touch the finish line, the machine runs out of breath."It's different if sorted," said the racer who also won in class 4-matic No s / d 200 cc's.Kangtaw ya!

Skubek outsmart who have very deep breath to finish it, Tunner must turn the brain with the tooth ratio. "If only the roller does not influence much. Especially if you play in the class 200 cc and above. Just helping lap down, "said Rio Teguh, speed off-road racer that again overdo this automatic drag.

Agree with the opinion of Rio, Arif Mutaqin also relies on the ratio. But to find the right ratio, not as easy as you think."Moreover, who had one chance dibalap duel. One little, eliminated, "said Tunner RFT Riftech YSS team that brought M Hambali podium in class 4-matic No s / d 155 cc.

Counts weight with the engine power to be a reference to choose gear ratio. "With a 312 cc engine, while the allowance for wear ratio of 18/39. New final wear 19/38. Apparently a record time more sharply. Motor, so quickly shouted at a distance of 150 meters, "I Nyonk of Nyonk Motor mechanic Amir in class 4-matic No s / d 350 cc's.


Drag Skutik
Opening Class Drag Skutik, Never Forgotten besutan 150 cc

When Sigit Widiyanto, by Flip Motoracing Division (FMD) launch event dragbike Bekasi, a class that contested the smallest scooter to 130 cc. With similar considerations in his racing, able to embrace many brands. But the intention is to get input from Ade and Tovi Singgih from Biker Zone. According to them, to drag the scooter, the organizers would need to consider the 150 cc class. What are the reasons?  

Losing tight

Both teams are known frontman scooter champion is reasonable, the most popular class of automatic fans there are in 150 cc. First, because the cost of modification is not much different from the bore-up 130 cc. Second, the results are much more toned.
"Now, the daily life too much to bore-up 150 cc, is rarely that a 125 cc or 130 cc again.Anyway, if 130 cc, motor racing lost kenceng cook the same motor at a red light? "Said Ade.

He say that based on his experience ngebengkel and play automatic. According to him, there are a lot of scooter enthusiasts in the class of this modification. Even lead to a 180 cc, although still more that 150 cc. "For the cost, $ 1 million already be tight," he continued.

The phenomenon that raised diangguki Deny Mansur Ade, mechanical Yonex Gaspol Kawahara. According to him, modified 150 cc scooter a lot of rage, both racing and race fans daily users. "Every two or three days would bore 150 cc automatic-ups," I Deny.

According to him, to drag the 150 cc class bike is still accommodate many brands such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. In addition, if the scooter racing is haunted by the vulnerability class durability on the engine a particular brand, to drag the scooter, the potential problems of baseball is so feared. Because the motor just lauched a few seconds. 

The sound echoed similar Senaponda, Padepokan Motorsport team manager.Classroom aka universal embrace some brand of drag bike in 150 cc. "Drag is more universal in 150 cc, because baseball is endurance," he said.

Talk endurance, he was highlighting certain brands that are less resistant to bulldoze the race that can eat up to 50 laps in a single mat. "It would be more competitive, because of weakness in a matter of endurance will ketutup in drag bike," continued Senaponda.

In fact, the phenomenon is growing rapidly scooter race. This makes PP IMI accommodate by making regulations for racing automatic. As for the drag race bike, there is no governing how events, classes and categories of technical instructions.Thus, capturing this phenomenon, should be made of standard rules and embrace the many circles.

According to Dyan Dilato, two-wheeled racing commission (on-track) PP IMI, it opens the possibility to create a regulatory drag scooter. "Open it, for example automatic racing kayak. During the positive developments, we akomodir. Nah just drag automatic, free style and extreme games we are also open attitude, "he said.

It's just, to pass a regulation, it is not just done. Dyan then pointed to the basic principles of PP IMI currently has 33 stakeholders Pengprov and 4 ATPM. To make a regulation, there should be strong encouragement from Pengprov to standardize the rules.

Separated Matic Drag Bike Chassis Class Standard And Aluminum

The class split so 2. The division consists of scooter-scooter that bersasis standard and aluminum. 

Racers Wants Separated  Class Suddenly
"The division was at the suggestion of the race earlier approved by the organizer of the race, in this case Trendypromo Mandira. Open interest is high enough participants in the class, making the division it can be done, "said Anas Riswanto, as the leadership race. 

As for the participants, split the class based on the use of the chassis, for the race run more fair. In other words, participants with motor bersasis competed with a similar standard. Similarly, for which already use the aluminum chassis.
"So if you like this, baseball no longer any reason use the chassis of the lighter base ingredients will always automatic subscription champion in 200 cc class," said Rio Teguh, speed off-road racer who is now team manager Hani 07 ft Key Speed BDG. 

Of the future, the division is expected to siphon more zest follow-up participants competed in this class. "Because if restricted only allowed to wear only one type of chassis, will make the technology scooter drag up to 200 cc class is less developed," added Rio. 

However, notices about the class divisions of this chassis, rated participants announced somewhat suddenly of a new day before the race (Saturday, 29 / 5). Some participants felt disadvantaged. As diutaran by Robby Young, a mechanic from Young Jaya Motor drag team.
"If baseball is too mepet notice time, certainly in that class, especially the standard chassis participants who would participate more. At least, I was sent down skutik speknya fit and competitive in the class, "he said. 

New rules about this chassis was addressed a little differently by Suhartono or familiarly called Achonk. According to jockey team D2M Manyun Speed Pell's, a record time resulted from wearing the motorcycle chassis standard (8.419 seconds) and aluminum (8.324 seconds) baseball is much different.
"If they wanted more fair, better rules about the use of the framework just released. However, both participants who use the standard chassis and aluminum, fastened in the regulation of minimum weight of the motor plus jokinya after weighed, "said Achonk. 

Wah wah, so good which ya, automatic 200 cc class division based on the weight of the chassis or quotas?

Third Event Kemayoran Drag Bike 2010

Kemayoran Drag Bike 2010
The 3rd Day Enduro Racing Battle IPMJ Dragbike 201-M Circuit Championship 2010 in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta (29-30/05).
Drag bike race of 201 meters was held on Saturday-Sunday (26-27/12) in the East Parking Area Jakarta International Expo (Jl Expo)-PRJ Kemayoran. Jakarta.Dragbike involving various classes of motorcycles, including three classes skutlk motor cylinder capacity of 155cc. 200cc. and 350cc. Other classes that are contested among Duck Tune-Up s / d 115cc 4-No. Tune-Up 125cc4 Duck-No. Tune-Up Sport 155 cc 2-No. Sport Tune-Up s / d 140cc 2-No. and FFA classes s / d 250cc 2-Tak/4-Tak.

Competition Results (seconds)
Matik sd 115 cc
1. Gerry CendyHosanna Adi Jaya9,175
2. Reno Anggara Hosanna Adi Jaya9,263
3. Syaipul Young Pak Keceng 9,266 
Matik sd 350 cc
1. Cheers Amir Yong Motor  7,754
2. Dwi Batank ARS Motor  7,812
3. M. Chabix Super Sotoy Family  7,851
Matik sd 200 cc (standard chassis)
1. Widi d2m Manyun Speed pells  8,419
2. Febryan Yusanata New Forum for Motor Bandung  8,557
3. Reno Arjuna Arjuna Racing  8,610
Matik sd 200 cc (aluminum chassis)
1. Ardiansyah Hani 07 ft. Key speed BDG  8,324
2. Dwi Batank ARS Motor  8,381
3. Genti (Akbar Dani) Hani 07 ft. Key speed BDG 8,548
Ducks 2 stroke tune up 125 cc sd
1. Febryanto Maju Motor  8,119
2. Bowo Cheetah CMR Ndoks Asin  8.200
3. Ayip Rosidi Bright Star TKRJ  8,236
Ducks 4 stroke tune up up to 115 cc
1. Asep Arjuna Arjuna Racing  9,422
2. Gema Riyanto BMI Emsa Motor  9,454
3. Sashito Wihandono - 9,643
Ducks 4 stroke tune up up to 125 cc
1. Asep Bajay Arjuna Racing  8,966
2. Reno Anggara Hosanna Adi Jaya  8,982
3. Gemarianto BMI Emsa Motor  9,150
Sport 2 stroke tune up up to 140 cc  
1. Sanjaya Safei HM1 Racing Knalpote 8,054
2. Chabix CisadaneCisadane Mad Racing  8,058
3. Metius CisadaneCisadane Mad Racing 8,112
Sport 2 stroke tune up 155 cc
1. Ayip Rosidi Harry's Motor Green Seta  7,986
2. Hidalgo Yusanata New Forum for DRP Bandung  7,995
3. Bowo Cheetah ARS Motor  8,015
FFA up to 250 cc 4 stroke
1. Hidalgo Yusanata New Forum for DRP Bandung  8,212
2. Dwi Batank ARS Motor  8,214
3. M. Chabix Super Sotoy Family  8,362
FFA 2-stroke 250 cc sd
1. M. Chabix Eternal Source CBX  7,596
2. Rino AW CMR Ndoks Asin 7,526
3. Ary Madun CMR Ndoks Asin 7,726

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